Bigger, Bolder, & More Colorful – See Why Our Seaglass is Superior

Compare and See the Difference

Click Here to Compare and See the Difference – Which Would You Prefer?

Would you rather have the Earrings on the Left or the Right?

One thing we consistently notice, when we view the earrings from other makers, they may look very nice in the pictures, but if you take the time to look closer, they’re just not as bold. And you’ll nearly always see that the glass is the same size as or usually smaller than the earwires. Earwires measure about 16mm in length. Our seaglass pieces are usually at least 27mm long (about an inch) and larger. We like to think of it as the difference between a crouton and a pastry. Which would you rather have?

Natural Sea Glass and Man Made

Both out ultra rare, stunning natural glass earrings and our more affordable options with man made glass are nicer than most anything you’ve seen.¬†Our man-made sea glass offerings may cost considerably less than their natural seaglass counterparts, but don’t be fooled, we’re often told how much nicer they are than natural seaglass from other makers.

We have thousands of pieces of glass, but what sets our designs apart is the fact that we only make our seaglass jewelry out of pieces that truly pop and have substantial visual appeal. You won’t find any of our earrings made with dull colors, insubstantial pieces of glass, or bulky & gaudy hardware. Our designs are always clean, bold, and colorful; sometimes smooth, sometimes just a bit jagged, always delightfully eye-catching and beautiful.

All of our pieces are meticulously matched. We pay careful attention to creating earrings with consistent color, size, and shape. Of course no two pieces, even in a set of earrings, can ever be the same, yet our offerings are clearly better matched and just different from what’s out there.

Rarity and Thickness
The pieces you see that are 3 and 4 hundred dollars are amazingly rare pieces of glass that hardly ever come along. They are usually very rare colors such as orange, red, yellow, and dark green. Often they are extremely thick. You can see the measurements of every piece of jewelry on our site right on the specific pieces page.

Take a look around at what we have to offer, and decide what you prefer.