Our Sea Glass Beach in FloridaHow We Started

Gerry began creating beautiful earrings out of sea glass given to him by a collector and friend in the Sunshine State. He was surprised to discover that these creations arising from his hobby were a huge hit with women of all ages. Requests for more sea glass earrings started pouring in as Gerry perfected his winding techniques to expertly highlight the sublime beauty of luminous sea glass.

Our creations are made from both found natural sea glass, tossed and molded in the ocean’s depths and beaches, plus a premium selection of made-made sea glass which is formed either in a rock tumbler or by acid washing to create the look of natural sea glass at a more modest price. We always choose larger and bolder pieces for our works rather than the tiny examples commonly found in beachfront stores. For our windings and hoops we use either high quality Sterling Silver or 14 Karat Gold which emphasizes the luminescence of the frosted glass. Since the ocean sculpts our natural sea glass over decades or longer no two pairs of earrings are exactly alike and finding pieces that match is very difficult. Man-made sea glass is more consistent and easier to match in size and shape.

Sea glass earrings appear to pull sunlight inside and release it with a warm internal glow which we have tried to convey in our photographs of our collections so you can see their true colors and textures. If you have any questions about color, size, or weight please feel free to contact us.

Enjoy looking over our exquisite collections and check back regularly for new additions as we acquire more excellent examples of sea glass.